Code Tree

The Code Tree shows the folder and file hierarchy of the code that will be generated. This tree-like representation allows you to visualize, logically, the structure of the code when it is generated.code tree

Code generation starts from the root node and progresses downwards in all the nodes until it reaches the last node. There are different Node Types represented in the tree. With the node types, you can customize the way you generate your code. The different types of nodes are:

File: This is the most common node type. The contents of a node of this type are generated to a text file. The file name is constructed from the hierarchy of the node based on the level from the root node plus the label of the node. 

Folder: This node type will create a folder and all the child nodes are generated into this folder.

Form: This node type indicates that the node opens up a form that is probably created from a Code Nanite.

Notes: You can store comments on this node. The contents are never generated.

Virtual Folder: This can be used to group nodes together. The child nodes are never generated.

Copy Files: This node type allows you to define files and folders that can be copied to a target folder during code generation.








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