Code Nanites

Code Nanites are similar to plugins.  They are blocks of code that can be called on at any point in time to perform a task. You can write a code nanite to do any type of task from generating code to uploading or downloading a file from ftp.

Some Code Nanites come installed as part of the CodeStencil and can be used in any Stencil/Project. 

The folder where system nanites are installed is: c:\documents\codestencil\codenanites

You can always find out the Code Nanites that are currently installed/loaded form the About menu in the application:




It is quite simple to trigger a Code Nanite.

All you have to do is include the expansion phrase in the code stencil you have built. There are 2 main parts of a Code Nanite:

(1) Label

The label is the string you put in your code. This string is surrounded by expansion delimiters - "[%" and "%]".

For example, the Code Nanite - ZeraSystems.CodeNanite.CurrentTable has the Expansion Label - CURRENT_TABLE and will be used like this:

(2) Expansion (Or Nanite)

This is the label that identifies the code block to be executed. This will match up with the last part of the Code Nanite being called. For example, the expansion label for ZeraSystems.CodeNanite.CurrentTable is "CurrentTable". This label is used internally by the application. You don't need to bother calling or using it yourself.


Code Nanites brings power to CodeStencil and brings an entirely different perspective into the concept of code generation.

3rd party developers can also publish and sell their Code Nanites.

So, just like the way plugins are used in other systems, all you have do is to develop your Code Nanite and Install/copy it to the Code Nanite folder (c:\documents\codestencil\codenanites) and CodeStencil will automatically make it load at startup.


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