Creating and Registering a Stencil Package

Now that you have developed your Stencil, you need to be able to publish or deploy with all the necessary files and resources.

To create a Stencil Package, navigate to: Actions | Stencils | Create Stencil Package


Follow the wizard. The steps are quite obvious:

Select Stencil - Here, you need to select the stencil you just finished developing, which most likely should be in your development folder.

Package Name - You can call the package any name you want so long as it does not contain illegal characters not accepted in a filename.

Target Folder - This would be any folder of your choice where you can install the Stencil from later.


Once you finish creating the package, you will notice it created as a compressed file:


The compressed file (1) contains the actual Stencil (2), and the Stencil Assets Folder (3).


In order to deploy your packaged Stencil, you will need to register it. To register, navigate to Actions | Stencils | Register Stencil


Select the Stencil Package


During development and testing, your Stencil was generating code into a specific folder. Even though the code generation process automatically creates missing folders, you may have been generating to a drive that is non-existent on the target machine, that is is why you need to specify the Output Folder here.


Once registered you will see the Stencil and Asset folder



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