Folder Structure

Before you start developing custom stencils, you need to properly set up your development environment. Doing this the right way will prevent headaches while deploying your stencils.

The bulk of folders and files will be created when you create a new stencil, so most of the development environment will be already set up.

You should specify your own development folder, e.g. D:\Dev\devex-grid in the Stencil Folder field:

This is what the developer folder structure will look like after the stencil has been created.

  1. devex-grid - This is the main folder that will contain all the files needed for one stencil. You cannot have more than one stencil setup to use this folder. You can name this folder whatever you want just make sure the name reflects the functionality of the stencil. For example, the stencil being created in this case is a Data Grid stencil that uses the DevExpress DevExtreme controls.
  2. devex-grid - This folder is created automatically when the stencil file - devex-grid.codestencil is created. It contains the assets used by the stencil.
  3. src - This folder contains your Visual Studio Solution, project and source files to be used in creating plugins Code Nanites. If you won't be developing Code Nanites then this folder is not needed. See Creating Code Nanite Source Files
  4. devex-grid - This folder contains your Visual Studio project and source files.
  5. dll - This folder contains some assemblies that are needed for your Code Nanite development.

  6. Assemblies - When you do a build from your Code Nanite Solution/project, the assemblies are generated into this folder. The assemblies need to be created in this folder because when you are about to deploy your stencil, you have to create a Stencil Package and the stencil package will need these files.



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