Name: ZeraSystems.CodeNanite.Expansion

Expansion Label: N/A

Nanite Label/Expansion: N/A

Usage: N/A

Description: The SelectEntitiesForm is a helper function that wraps up a call to a form which allows you to select tables and columns to be used within a Code Nanite you are designing.

The way to use this is by calling the function - SelectEntitiesForm() in the MainFunction() of your Code Nanite:



using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.ComponentModel.Composition;
using ZeraSystems.CodeStencil.Contracts;

namespace DolaSoft.CodeNanites
    public partial class ConfigModelAsyncColumns 
        string _selectedEntities;
        private void MainFunction()
            _selectedEntities = SelectEntitiesForm(SchemaItem, Expander, "Configure Async Columns");
            ExpanderUpdater(_selectedEntities, "ASYNC_UPDATE_COLUMNS");



During code generation, a form is called it which looks like this:


When you click OK to save, the expander - ASYNC_UPDATE_COLUMNS will be created/saved with a string containing the Tables/Columns you just selected.

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