Expands Columns Horizontally

Name: ZeraSystems.CodeNanite.ExpandColumnsHorizontally

Expansion Label: CS_HORIZ_COLUMNS

Nanite Label/Expansion: ExpandColumnsHorizontally

Dependency: [%TABLE_LIST%]


Description: Generates the list of columns in a table as a comma seperated string horizontally.

The ability of this Code Nanite to produce results is dependent on this other nanite - [%TABLE_LIST%] ( See: Table List). 


Assuming you create a node with the label - [%TABLE_LIST%].cs as shown below:

And then add the [%HORIZ_COLUMNS%] Code Nanite in the code editor:

When the code is generated, each file will output the columns in the table currently being processed, seperated by commas.


Just like it is listed under the Global Schema:



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