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Are you a Microsoft Access, Excel Power User?

Do you use Excel or Microsoft Access to create and maintain simple database systems? Research shows Walmart estimated spending over $500 Million for development costs using tools like Access, Excel, etc. CodeStencil will help develop these types of systems quickly without writing a single line of code.

Are you a freelancer/contractor who develops software for other companies?

Are you a software consulting firm offering development services to other companies?

Do you develop in-house software for internal needs of your company?

Do you create applications for internal use in your company? CodeStencil will help you get up to speed quickly.

Are you a Software Developer/Programmer?

Do you develop software, write code for a living? I am sure you know there is a lot of boilerplate code you need at the onset of every project. CodeStencil takes this a step further by generating not just boilerplate but over 90% of code that can make it to production.

Convert boilerplate code to a Stencil?

Visit our Stencil Ideas page and upload your code. We will do it for FREE!

Do you lead a team of Developers?

When you lead a development team, consistency in code is always desired. What if you can generate the same consistent codebase for the mundane tasks quickly and even control how the code is generated. You will also be able to free your team for more business logic development.

Take Control of how you generate code.
Eliminate redundant code you have to delete later!

CodeStencil brings a new dimension to code generation. It uses a different approach that puts the sequence and selection of code generation in the hands of the user.

Lets generate some Code!

CodeStencil gives you power to create something exceptional!
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