As a Contractor or Freelance developer, the fewer resources you have to pay for and the faster you can deploy your applications to fulfill your contracts the better it is for you. As a result, anything that helps you achieve this is a welcome idea.

So how can CodeStencil help you?

To understand how you can use CodeStencil, let us take a look at a Use Case:

Pet Store Management System

A prospective client is in urgent need of a system for maintaining her Pet Store.


A pet store is a retail business that sells animals, typically dogs and cats, and supplies for pet care. A typical pet store offers a wide variety of animals for sale as well as products and services for animal care. In addition to selling animals, pet stores usually offer products and services for animal care, such as food, toys, cages, bedding, and health care products. Keeping track of these can become daunting especially as the business grows.

Proposed Solution/Cost

We need to design and develop a simple pet store database systems that can easily scale.


The application should be scalable and able to meet the growing needs of the store.
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