CodeStencil - Another app to add to your tool chest

Another application to add to your tool chest

CodeStencil comes with a new approach to code generation. Even though there are a lot of tools and libraries out there being used today for code generation and scaffolding, once you have an output it isn't easy to reconfigure and have a do over without complicated changes to the original scripts/template code. What CodeStencil offers is an easy and smart way that allows you to continue configuring how the code is generated and even continue adding elements as you eliminate repetitive parts within the process.

For example, you can quickly recreate the Visual Studio ASP .NET core template in less that 10 minutes and have exactly the same functionality. You can then proceed to build in some customization into the way you use it to generate code. See how, here.

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What is CodeStencil?


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Monday, 11 December 2023
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